Backflow and TMV Testing

Backflow ensures that the water we use in our homes isn’t contaminated and is safe for humans.

What is Backflow Testing

Backflow is the term used in plumbing when the water travels backwards through the pipes and drains once it has been used. It can be a serious health risk.

Backflow testing ensures that the system is working correctly. During the test, our plumbers switch the downstream valve off, and then after a few minutes test the water pressure in the system using a special backflow testing kit.

Licensed and Accredited Plumbers

Only fully licensed and accredited plumbers can carry out a backflow test, inspection and commission of backflow systems and devices. A backflow testing report maybe required to be submitted to your local council and water authorities making sure that Australians standards are adhered to.

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Our team of experts have years of experience and accredited backflow specialists, fully licensed in carry out new backflow installations, testing and repairs to existing systems. We are highly skilled and extensively trained plumbers. Backflow systems are complicated, and it is imperative that homes and business have fresh, safe, and clean water.

Backflow Maintenance in Newcastle

Ongoing maintenance and preventative maintenance ensure that any backflow issues you might have been experiencing do not return. Water that flows in the wrong direction can harms people’s health due to its contamination. Backflow problems might occur if:

Annual Testing and Reports

Annual testing can be set up so that you know every year that your back flow system will be tested and inspected to prevent any downtime and keep everyone safe.

Backflow testing and prevention devices are required under Australian standards on all premises that identify as a high or medium hazard risk/rating to the mains water supply.

As per the guidelines from our Hunter Water – Backflow prevention devices are required as per the Site Containment Backflow Prevention Standard, Australian Standards AS/NZS 2845: Water Supply – Backflow Prevention and AS/NZS 3500: Plumbing and Drainage for any property or operations that pose a risk to the public drinking water supply.

Back Flow Prevention

Have you received a letter from Hunter Water, asking you to complete a back flow test?

Call our team on 0432 652 250 to book in your backflow testing and maintenance check. We are qualified and reliable plumbers servicing Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and Maitland. We have the knowledge of all the backflowing requirements and other plumbing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Backflow Prevention Devices

How will Council know if my valves have been tested or not?

Councils will retain a register of all properties that require back flow prevention devices, and all result and reports must be supplied to the council in writing.

Am I responsible for the testing costs?

Maintenance, testing, and repairs is the responsibility of the property owner.

If you’re the property owner, you must ensure that: you have the right kind of backflow prevention device installed at your property and the device is properly maintained.

Can anyone complete the test?

No. Backflow maintenance, prevention and repairs must only be completed by an accredited plumbing specialist.

How often is backflow testing required?

Each state varies, but NSW backflow prevention devices are required to be tested annually.

What is a cross-connection?

Cross contamination is a connection between a public water supply and a drinking water system.