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You can lose a few litres of water an hour from a slow-dripping leak and thousands of litres a day from a constantly running toilet or tap. If the leak is from a hot water system or mains supply, you’re also wasting energy. Both are costing your money, so fast detection and repair is even more important. If you suspect you have a large leak, you will need help from a plumber with specialist equipment. JC Plumbing and Gas Fitters are here to help.

We specialise water leak detection in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and Maitland. As a leak detection specialist, we’re equipped with the latest technologies, such as thermal imaging to locate hidden leaks, from burst pipes, drainage, and water supply outlets. Our fully licensed plumbers can locate and fix the issue as quickly as possible, minimizing the damage that water leaks can cause. Do not hesitate if you have a leak – water spreads quickly and can cause widespread damage to your home in the blink of an eye.

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Leaking taps in your home can be the worst culprit for water damage and expense water utility bills each month. Finding these leaks and fixing the issue can help save households thousands of dollars.

These are common signs that you may have a leak that you can’t see, losing liters a water at day, and have no idea where from? Experienced and professional plumber use the latest technology, and their years of knowledge to detect, locate and fix leaks.

We use non invasion technology to detect leaks, including endoscopic video leak detection, and thermal detection, using cameras to inspect pipes that are buried in walls or underground.

When we locate the issues, there are usually 2 options – fix or refurbish the pipe or replace the whole pipe system. Each situation is different, so we always provide as much information as well as our recommendations on the best outcome for you, the situation, and your budget.

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Our expertise, knowledge and the latest cutting-edge tools enable us to detect and repair the most difficult leaks, even those hidden in roofs, windows, and walls. Because we use non-invasive methods such as thermal technology to look for issues with your pipes, there is minimal damaged to your walls or property.