Guide To Gas Hot Water Installation And Replacement

Hot water is essential for all families and businesses; it’s something we just can’t live without. If you have ever experienced a broken hot water system for any longer than 24 hours, you know exactly why it is so important to have readily available and a reliable source of hot water.

Guide To Gas Hot Water Installation And Replacement » gas hot water systems

When To Replace Your Gas Hot Water System

There could be serval signs you need to look at getting your hot water system replaced, or you could awake up one morning to no hot water. Some signs are easier to spot than others:

  • Unusual Hot Water Shortage

Depending on whether you have a storage heater or instant hot water will change the methods for trouble shooting the issues. Intermittent hot water could be that someone else in the home is using it at the same time, or might be a water flow restrictor sensor, insufficient gas supply or an aging system.

  • Rust and Corrosion

If you can see signs or rust around the values on the outside of the unit, this maybe a sign of leaks or potential leaks.

  • Dirty or Smelly Water

If the water coming out of your taps is smelly and discoloured, this is a sign of a sediment build up or rust inside of the hot water heating unit.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, it’s time to call our professional plumbers. Leaks and water corrosion can cause serious damage to your home if not repaired quickly.

Guide To Gas Hot Water Installation And Replacement » gas hot water systems

Constantly Running Low on Hot Water

 It is best to get in touch with a profession when you first notice any signs, to avoid water disruptions. Here at JC Plumbing and Gasfitting we do our best to repair, before replacing, hot water systems, so it’s best to call us ASAP so we can provide the best solutions for your situation.

Guide To Gas Hot Water Installation And Replacement » gas hot water systems

How To Decide That Gas Hot Water Systems Are For You

When deciding what system is best for your needs, you need to first find out about the available options.

  • Instantaneous or Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water

Hot water is available when you turn on the tap. They are often referred to as tank-less units because the water heats up as it passes through the system, rather than being stored. These types of systems have a long-life span of around 20 years.

  • Gas Hot Water Storage Heater

Gas storage systems use a gas burner underneath the storage tank to heat up the water. Tanks come in a range of sizes and units can be adjusted by a thermometer, to allow for the correct temperature to be set. When hot water is used, it is instantly replaced by cold, and there would be a period to pass to allow for the water to reach the correct temperature.

  • Running Costs

The hot water system you choose can have a real impact on your utility bills.

  • Installation

Gas units are quick to install if you have the connection already in place.

Guide To Gas Hot Water Installation And Replacement » gas hot water systems

Can I install a gas hot water system by myself?

The quickest and easy way to an answer this is questions is, No. Replacing and repairing your hot water systems requires a licensed plumber. Not only because they have the qualifications to complete the work, but any work completed by an unauthorised person may void insurance and any warranties you have on your hot water unit.

Guide To Gas Hot Water Installation And Replacement » gas hot water systems

Ongoing Hot Water System Maintenance

Once you have your new hot water system installed there is very little maintenance required by you. The best option is to schedule in an annual maintenance check, which is completed by your plumber. This will provide a report on any signs of wear and tear on your system, such as corrosion and rust. Completing this check is a positive step to extending the life span of your hot water system.

Guide To Gas Hot Water Installation And Replacement » gas hot water systems

Benefits Of A Gas Heating Water System

Gas hot water systems produce 33% less greenhouse gas emissions than electric systems, so when you choose a gas system, you’re helping the environment and reducing your carbon footprint.

  1. Instantaneous – gas hot water unit are small, making them a fraction of the size of the storage heaters. They are perfect for smaller homes with less space for a larger heater, taking up less space, have a better visual appeal and can deliver hot water anytime.  
  2. Low Energy costs – gas host water systems are regulated to meet a minimum energy performance rating, based on their annual energy consumption. This means that all gas hot water systems are labelled, allowing you to find the best energy rating for your needs. 
  3. Faster Heating – continuous flow hot water system means you get instant hot water every time you turn on the tap, so there is no waiting involved, its hot water on demand.
  4. Warranties – gas hot waters systems can last up to 20 years, and warranties for instant hot water systems can be 10-12 years, giving you a great peace of mind.
  5. Installation costs – depending on the efficiency rating of the unit you choose, there can be little difference in installing an instantaneous system or a hot water storage system, it really does come down to personal preference.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Which Gas Hot Water Unit

  1. The number of people in your home?
  2. How many showers a day, do people shower at the same time?
  3. Do you use a washing machine with hot or cold water?
  4. Is the dishwasher connected to the hot or cold tap?
Guide To Gas Hot Water Installation And Replacement » gas hot water systems

Best Instant Hot Water System Installed

If you are looking to find the best hot water systems for your home, then talk to our expert plumbers and gas fitters here at JC plumbing and Gas fitting. We have years of experience and knowledge, and we are fully qualified and insured to install or repairs you gas hot water system.

Installing a gas hot water system in your home is an investment, so it’s best to find the right solution for your family’s needs. Talk to us today to find our which hot water system is best for your home!