How Long Do Hot Water Systems Last?

Once your hot water system has been correctly installed, it’s kind of a set and forget type appliance. There is little maintenance you can complete on your hot water systems, and it’s always best to hire a professional plumber to complete repairs and maintenance to avoid any accidents to keep the manufacturers warranties in place.

How Long Do Hot Water Systems Last? » hot water systems

Types of Host Water Systems

  • Gas Hot Water systems
  • Electric Hot Water systems
  • Heat pump systems
  • Solar hot water systems

A hot water system is a vital and necessary investment for any home. To make sure you get the best value for money and the longevity you need, it often leads to this question: how long will my hot water system last?

Continuous Flow

A continuous flow system is tankless and heats up water whenever the hot water tap is turned on, and they can provide instant hot water for around 15-20 years.


Hot water storage heaters store water in a large tank. It heats up the required amount the tank holds and once that hot water is used, you then must wait for the tank to fill and heat up again (which usually happens overnight) for a new batch of hot water to be ready.

How Long Do Hot Water Systems Last? » hot water systems

Average Lifespan of Systems, and Manufacturing Date

Hot water systems are durable and are built to last, but like everything else in the world, nothing lasts forever. Each type and brand and model may have a different lifespan, but you can expect your hot water systems to last around 8-15 years. Gas systems or electric tanks may have a shorter life span, water quality, usage, type, and your maintenance schedule all effect the overall stain and stress of the heating components and elements that are being used to heat up your water. 

How Long Do Hot Water Systems Last? » hot water systems

Signs That Your Hot Water System is Getting Old

How To Tell When It’s Time To Replace Your Old Hot Water System

Are you wondering, seeing, or hearing signs that your hot water systems might be getting old and need some maintenance repairs or relacing? Here are a few of the common signs to look out for when you think your hot water system is beginning to fail:

Noisy Tank

Intermittent noise every now and then is okay, but if its loud then you need to engage a plumber. As water systems age, a thick layer of sediment on the bottoms of the system is created and when it hardens and then begin to break, its “bangs” around in your tank. This is usually the noise that you can hear and is putting extra strain on your systems.

Running Out of Hot Water or Not Hot Enough

If you haven’t increased your hot water suage but don’t seem to be getting enough hot water like you did a few years earlier, this could be a sign that your hot water system requires some TLC. Book a maintenance check in with a plumber today.

Brown Water

Rusty or brown water coming from your taps could mean that your system has a build-up of rust inside, or your pipes have become rusty. Either way, it is a potential red flag for future issues.


If there is water around your hot water heater, then this could be a sign that you have a hole in the system. Leaking water adds extra pressure onto the heater and can waste energy and water. Speak to a plumber as soon as possible to identify the issue.

If you have any questions or concerns, its best to contact a professional plumber. Our team here at JC Plumbing can identify issues, repairs and fix any brand of hot water systems, and we carry a lot of common parts in our vehicles, meaning we are reliable and can respond quickly.

How Long Do Hot Water Systems Last? » hot water systems

Extending The Life Spam Of Your Hot Water System

If you are wanting to increase the life span and get the most out of your hot water systems, following a regular preventative maintenance schedule can increase the lifespan of your system. The life span can sometimes double if you have a regular service to remove the build-up of residue or sediment on valves, especially if you are in an area with hard water. A hot water system can become damaged from corrosion if the residue is left to layer up. An annual maintenance flush can remove the sediment and decrease how hard your systems have to work to produce the hot water.

How Long Do Hot Water Systems Last? » hot water systems

Replacing Your Hot Water System

No one really plans on their hot water system “kicking the bucket”, and here at JC Plumbing and gas fitting we know that looking at replacements can be a daunting and costly process. You should consider your budget family size and how much water you need, as well as the energy efficiency. Talk to our team, we are happy to provide all the required information to help you make an informed decision on the best hot water systems for your home. Remember you are installing and making an investment on your home, which could potentially save you money in the future, so take your time if you can.

How Long Do Hot Water Systems Last? » hot water systems

Newcastle’s Local Hot Water Expert

Hiring a qualified plumber to complete regular maintenance on your hot water systems can reduce the risk of a nasty surprise. With testing and inspections, we can detect many issues before they arise. If your system completely fails, for all your hot water requirements, service, repairs, and installation, contact JC Plumbing and Gas fitting on 0432 652 250. Our local team are based here in Newcastle, and we service the Maitland and Lake Macquarie regions. If you have a leak or gas emergency, don’t delay and contact us today!