Reasons Why We Should Save Water

Water is essential to our health and everyday living, at home, at work, for wildlife and the surrounding community. As our population continues to grow, and the demand for water increases, we need to look at ways we can save water.

Just because we are surrounded by water doesn’t mean that we have an unlimited supply. Our earth is 97.5% saltwater and only 2.5% is fresh water, which is frozen in glaciers and ice caps, leaving only 0.3% of freshwater available for drinking and usable to the 7.837 billion people on earth. So, now you see how precious water is.

Reasons Why We Should Save Water » save water

Reduce Energy Consumption

Treating and delivering water to homes and communities in Australia takes up large amount of energy. The biggest water users in our homes are washing machine, showers, and toilets.

Once the water reaches your home, you spend energy using it. Whether it’s your continuous flow hot water systems, or your hot water storage tank, we all need hot water and we spend money heating it up. Reducing the amount of time in showers, washing up, or by purchasing good quality appliances, will not only reduce our energy consumption and bills, but reduce the water usage.

Installing water efficient appliances and products could save an average of $175 per year per household. You can use the water efficiency labelling and standards schedule to help compare the water efficiency of appliances and fixtures before purchasing and installing them.

“When the wells dry, we know the worth of water.” – Benjamin Franklin

Reasons Why We Should Save Water » save water

Water Is Necessary For Life

Water is a staple part of our diets, we use it every day without thinking, for cleaning, cooking, drinking for our animals and watering gardens and plants. Water is part of the ecosystems and wildlife so conserving water is an important and essential part of our sustainability.

In some countries water is scarce, and it’s not just as simple as turning on a tap. Water is an essential requirement for living, and reducing our usage reduces the energy required to process it, lowing the pollution into the air, and reducing our carbon footprint.

Animals, fruits, and vegetables require water to grow. Producing and harvesting crops without enough water would mean food would become short in supply and we would become malnourished and unwell, and eventually the population would starve to death.

Reasons Why We Should Save Water » save water

Rising Costs of living

If our water supply runs out, due to failure to conserve water, it will affect the supply and usage charges not only of the water for our homes, but overall living, as this reduces food supplies and will create health issues. If water commodities increase, the cost will be passed on to us, the users.

Reducing Water Usage

How can you conserve water in your home?

Many homes wastewater (up to thousands of litres per year) because they don’t fix leaks quickly. Did you know that in one year water leaks in your home can waste enough water to fill a backyard swimming pool?

Here are some great ways to invest in your home and reduce your water consumption:

Reasons Why We Should Save Water » save water

Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings

Is your toilet leaking or tap dripping?

Do you leave the water on when brushing your teeth or doing the dishes?

We all need to wash and clean ourselves, but by installing water saving shower heads, you can save up to 38 litres of water for every ten-minute shower that is taken. So, for a family of 4, that would be 10, 000 litres of hot water each month. By cutting back, you’ll not only be saving your water but also reducing the utility bill in heating up the water.

Install toilets with efficient flush systems. New toilets use around 6 litres of water per flush, but if you have an older home with an original toilet in place you could be flushing 13 to 26 litres of water away with every flush. That’s a whole lot of water, just going down the drain. Dual flush systems consume much less water than a standard flushing toilet and will reduce your water bill over time.

Reasons Why We Should Save Water » save water

Save Water In Your Garden

Are you watering your lawn too often?

Reduce the use of freshwater in your home by installing rainwater tanks and connect your hose to the tank use this to water your lawn, flowers, and veggie patch. Planting native and hardy plants that are suitable for a dry climate, are low maintenance, drought resistant, and will require minimal watering.

By only watering your lawn when it requires it will save large amounts of water. A sprinkler can use on average 1,000 litres of water per hour, which equates to 12 bathtubs filled with water, so do you really need to be watering your lawn every day?

Look at installing a smart sprinkler system: it controls your water schedule, and adjust to the weather conditions, saving money, time, and water!

Reasons Why We Should Save Water » save water

Stop Leaks

Running toilets, dripping taps, a faulty washing machine: whilst these seem like only small issues, when left unresolved, they consume a lot of water that is just wasted. Fixing and resolving water leaks quickly can save you money and reduce further damage to the surrounding areas.

Reasons Why We Should Save Water » save water

How can we help?

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Making changes, no matter how small, can have a positive effect on reducing our water usage or wastage. Installing a shower head or dual flush toilet is just the beginning. Our team is proud to service Newcastle, Maitland, and Lake Macquarie regions, helping families with bathroom renovations, or fixing that pesky leak, no job is to big or small our qualified team of plumbers.  Contact us today on 0432 652 250 or fill in our contact form and we will call you back.