Should You Be Replacing Plumbing Pipes When Renovating?

Whether completing a small or large renovation project for your kitchen and bathroom it is often a good time to be assessing if your plumbing and pipes should be replaced at the same time, like most pictures and fittings they have a fixed life spam, and wear and tear on plumbing fixtures especially if you have hard water can be quite substantial, even if you can’t yet see the effect of it.

With most bathroom renovations replacing the toilet, sink and shower head is a common inclusion, but what about the pipes that run to those fixtures supplying the water, unless you are completing a remodel and moving the pipes to another location you may not necessary think that it’s time to upgrade them, replacing broken or old fixtures during a remodel is the perfect time,  the hard work of removing the old tiles, and plasterboard has already been completed, contracting the work to a professional and reliable plumber will ensure that your new bathroom is completed with quality and to the heist of standards.

Should You Be Replacing Plumbing Pipes When Renovating? » Plumbing Pipes

Replace Old and Worn Out Pipes During a Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom and kitchen renovation require planning as they are often one of the most time consuming and expense changes you will make to your home. Ensuring that you are futureproofing your home from any plumbing issues in the future you should have your current plumbing inspected by a professional plumber to see if pipe replacement is recommended, if you have already begun your renovation and have uncovered that your current pipes are showing signs or damage, now is the time to call in a professional plumber, since your pipes are already exposed, replacing them with new ones could reduce the list of leaks in the future and even more expensive.

Should You Be Replacing Plumbing Pipes When Renovating? » Plumbing Pipes

Benefit of Replacing Old Plumbing Pipes

  1. Old fixtures could potential be using more water than is required, installing energy effect shower heads, toilets and hot water systems, can help reduce your utility bills.
  2. No more leaking toilets, or dripping taps, replacing pipes and fixtures will ensure that you are no longer wasting any more water.
  3. Bathroom and kitchen renovations often have an impact on the resale value of your home, a modern bathroom and kitchen shows buyers that the home is finished, and require very little maintenance for the foreseeable future.
Should You Be Replacing Plumbing Pipes When Renovating? » Plumbing Pipes

Signs I Might Need to Replace My Bathroom Plumbing

The daily stress on pipes taking water to and from your home on a daily basis is often goes unnoticed. Common signs your plumbing should be looked t whilst you complete your renovation are:

  1. Water discoloration, old pipes can often be an indication that there is corrosion in the plumbing systems, and the rust is running through the water. If left unresolved there is a risk that the minerals deposits will build up and eventually caused blockages or further corrosion to the systems, this can result in a burst pipe, which can cause may damage to a home.
  2. Leaking, more often than not a bathroom renovation is moved forward on your to do list, because of a leak or something goes wrong. Most pipes in your home were installed at the same time, during construction, so they are effectively the same age.  If one fixture in your home has started to show signs of wear and tear, then you can expect the other fixtures to start showing signs in due course.
  3. Low pressure, do you often run out of water, or the water seems to slow right down when you are in the shower? This can be due to low water pressure, it can be hard to really hone, in on the problem, it could be a clog in the pipes as explained about, or a hole. Leaking pipes can cause allot of damage that is not visible through the tiles in a bathroom, rotting wood frames and mold growth are the most common.

Bathroom renovations can undercover and expose a number of issues that were previously hidden, taking the time to upgrade your plumbing and pipe work, remodeling and changing the layout of existing pipes is an important and crucial process that you should consider during the renovation planning stages. Once you have made the decision to replace the pipes, speak with your local plumber for advice, costing and guidance on how the process will unfold, whilst there is the increase cost in the upfront renovation, the peace of mind and knowledge that your home is built to last for the future is really worth this extra cost.

Should You Be Replacing Plumbing Pipes When Renovating? » Plumbing Pipes

Hiring a professional plumber and how much will it cost me?

The cost will vary, and really be dependent on the size of the bathroom or kitchen, the changes if any to the layout and confutation of your fixtures or kitchen appliances, is it plastic or copper pipes that require replacing, that’s why it’s best to speak with a professional, for a detailed, and accurate quoting before you being your renovation project.

Aging worn out pipes can increase the requirement for needing an emergency plumber, a broken pipe due to take and wear and tear will cause a lot of damage to your home or business if left unresolved. Our team here at JC Plumbing and Gas fitters have years of experience, and can take on any job, from a burst pipe to pipe relocation in your bathroom or kitchen renovation. Call our team on 0432 652 250 or fill out our contact form, and we will be happy to give you a call to discuss your renovation plans, we offer a wide range of services covering all your plumbing and gas needs in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and Maitland regions. Our fully insured, qualified and reliable team are on hand for all emergency plumbing issues.